Plant of Life CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) 10ml



Plant of Life CBD Oil`s comes in dark brown glass bottles to protect its precious properties. It is presented in several levels of concentration so that each and every person can choose whatever suits them best.

Plant of Life Hemp Oils are extremely high quality, rich in CBD concentrate which comes from Soil Association crops, which are strictly organic. During the whole process, no perfumes or colourants.This product is completely legal, with a maximum 0.2% THC. It contains phyto-cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and Terpenes, which give the product its particular taste and aroma.

Hemp oil is an amazing addition to a diet. It is rich in natural minerals that are found in the seeds, like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other micro elements that your body needs. Its a great way of improving your diet and enhance the functioning of your immune system.

Also, multiple studies working with patients all over the world have confirmed that hemp oils anti-inflammatory properties help with serious illnesses like multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis and arthritis, although we do not make this claim. Please do your own research

To properly conserve your Plant of Life CBD oil, it is recommended that you keep it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Dont exceed the daily recommended dosage.

Dosage and mode of employment Plant of Lifes CBD oil:

  • Start using low doses and increase them gradually.
  • Maximum 80-100 drops a day.
  • Shake before using.
  • Keep CBD oil under your tongue for one minute.
Can be used externally as a rub

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