Juicy Jays Jones Watermellon



Juicy Jays Jones Watermelon 1¼ Cones are a mouthwatering pre-rolled cone that not only taste like watermelon but actually look like a slice as well! You get 2 Pre-rolled cones in each tube and a handy filling tube, so you have no fuss or mess when getting ready for your smoke. The Triple-dip flavour system makes sure you get all the full flavours of watermelon. You also get one re-useable dank 7 tip that makes sure that the ends of your paper don't get damp while smoking. All of the cones and dank 7 tip are all stored in a hard case tube that are a great tool to keep your cones from getting damaged and lock in every bit of flavour. Dank 7 Tip means they have been left for 7 whole days to soak up the individual flavour you are buying, a nice little tip indeed.

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