Juicy Jays Jones Blueberry



Juicy Jays Jones Blueberry 1¼ Cones are perfect who love the big flavours of Juicy Jay wraps but want the ease of a pre-rolled cone. Each pack contains two pre-rolled blunts which have been flavoured with blueberry using the Juicy Jays world famous triple dip flavour system.  The paper has also been printed with a design reflecting the flavour. You get a re-usable dank 7 tip making sure that your papers dont get soggy. The pre-rolled cone are stored in a great hard case tube, that makes sure that they can never be crushed and the screw on lid makes sure that every stays fresh and no flavour is lost. Dank 7 Tip means they have been left for 7 whole days to soak up the individual flavour you are buying, a nice little tip indeed.

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