14mm Male Quartz Banger



Why quartz?

Quartz offers optimal product flavoring for your low temp usage. When using low temperature with a carb cap, it will give you a huge ability to taste the flavors.  That is one of the biggest differences when compared to a titanium one.  Maintaining the dish is imperative to obtain the fresh taste.

Quartz is great to use either a butane torch setup and it makes a great upgrade to any oil rig or vapor tube.  The 100% pure American quartz offers proper heat retention and air flow when coupled with a compatible fitting carb cap. Since quartz is more pure than traditional glass, quartz material has a higher burning temperature which makes them a superior choice over other glass units.

Quartz is easy to clean when used properly.  The best way is to consistently take hits at a low temperature. Once the product is fully vaporized, its easy to clean up what is left with a cotton swab or paper towel.  If it ends up getting dirty because of scorching temperatures or a poor cleaning job, heat it up until its red to return it to being clear.

The heat retention on quartz varies depending on the thickness of the product being used, but club bangers with three millimeter walls or larger will stay hot for a long time. This is useful for those who want to taste their product and make their unit last.  The longer it stays warm, the more time there is to take a hit and use a cotton swab.

Quartz is a great way to restrict the airflow to increase the overall function of the glass since most designs feature a small air hole.

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