RIPS Blue Rips Kingsize papers - 53mm Wide



Blue Rips Rolling Papers are the widest papers Rips produce, coming in at 53mm in width. Along with Red Rips, Blue Rips were the 1st RIPS® to be sold back in 1982 and still remain very popular to this day. Using only natural Arabic gum ensures they stick each time you lick. Because they are thicker and wider than average Rips paper they do burn quicker. Watermarked for quality assurance. You can tear off any size you require by simply pulling out the papper and ripping.

RIPS® , the original paper on a roll.

  • Rips Blue King Size
  • Pure Rice Paper
  • Natural Gum
  • Length: 5 Metres -16.4 Feet
  • Width: 53mm

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