Quintessentials - Red Skinnies



Quintessential Organic Hemp Coated Skinnies are a slender choice for the hemp enthusiast! These ultra skinny tips are inspired by our Canadian friends and fans, who are new to the use of tips and like 'em thinner than we do this side of the pond! Our UK customers prefer to use them with regular small and European 1.5 sized rolling papers. Made in Cornwall to the same excellent standards as all our roach tips, they are easy to use and even easier to smoke with. Skinnies are made from our FSC paper stock, to which we then apply our own unique process, coating the paper with organic food-grade hemp oil. This creates an ethical, great tasting natural smoking tip. They are fully biodegradable and have no lasting impact when discarded. Please dispose of your used tips with consideration  for the environment and others. Hemp is possibly the best material for all smoking accessories and rolling crutches are no different, pair them with your favourite hemp rolling papers for the ultimate smoking combo. 'Quintessential wholly endorses the cultivation of Hemp for the Health, Happiness & Prosperity of All'

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