Dr Dabber Switch



The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the next generation of vaporizer. Utilizing induction heating as a clever solution to many of the most common issues affecting conduction vaporizers, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH boasts industry leading heating time, battery life and functionality. The incredible efficiency of the device even results in a stronger effect when compared to other vaporizers.


  • 5 heat settings on standard mode for push-button ease of use
  • 25 heat settings on pro mode for the connoisseur to dial in the perfect flavor and vapor density
  • 150 uses on a single charge (well over a week for the average user)
  • 60 minute charge time (industry leading)
  • Pass-through charging for endless desktop use


Aside from benefits like no-leak sealed electronics and effortless cleaning, the patent pending induction heating technology inside allows the device to heat to target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time. We’re talking an average of 4 seconds (depending on selected temperature). When compared to an industry average of 25-30 seconds, it’s clear that this sort of speed is simply not possible with traditional convection and conduction vaporizers. The SWITCH is just on another level. Pair this functionality with outstanding battery life and dual function versatility, the SWITCH is the last vaporizer you’ll ever need to buy. With no replaceable atomizers and everything you need inside the box, the SWITCH will be your go-to method on the go as well as at home.

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